Top Best Canadian Online Casinos 2022

We prepared and analyzed for you a full list of best casinos in Canada for 2022 year. You can easily check each one and make a right decision where to play in upcoming year.

Get up to:
200% up to 150C$ + 100 free spins

5.0 rating

Get up to:
C$ 200

5.0 rating

Get up to:
C$500 + 200 free spins

4.0 rating

Get up to:
100% up to C$250 + 10% cashback

5.0 rating

Get up to:
100% up to 300C$ + 100 free spins

4.8 rating

Get up to:
350% up to C$ 1000

4.8 rating

Get up to:
100% up to C$300

4.8 rating

Are you looking for a suitable online casino? Then our website is a very good support for that. was launched in 2017 and is one of the best test portals on the market.

We are a team of experts working around the clock on the topic of online gambling and our mission is to share our knowledge with our readers. The website is a high quality guide in the world of online casino.

πŸ” 10 Best Online Casinos Canada 2022

In the following table you will find the 10 best online gaming platforms. The ranking results from the detailed product tests carried out as of December 2021. We have included test criteria such as a valid license, the range of games and the payout ratios in the evaluation. The test winners convince with reliability, exemplary customer support and fast payout of winnings. We can unreservedly recommend these online providers of slot games!

We have tested and evaluated all online casinos and published them in the following ranking. Click here to continue:

🌎 All about the trend crypto casinos

Since mid-2020, we have also been intensively involved with a new trend in the industry: crypto casinos. While these are still in their proverbial infancy in English-speaking countries in terms of distribution and acceptance, there is already a real hype about gambling with cryptos on the international market.

Our panel of experts is certain that it is only a matter of time before the boom in gambling with digital currencies really takes off in this country as well. Especially interesting: There are also mixed variants, i.e. casinos that accept both real money and coins.

Readers of already benefit from extensive technical reports and product tests in this actually not so virgin area (many of the crypto providers have been around for several years).

🧐 About us – the editorial team

Our team is made up of a pool of experts in the field of online gambling. For us, is not just a profession, but a vocation. Years of experience, intensive examination of the topic of online casinos in all its facets and tireless dedication distinguish us just as much as a strict, objective view of the providers and products.

πŸ“š How we test an online casino?

As the name already implies, we test everything around the topic of online casinos and online gambling. This includes both the individual casino brands, as well as game providers or payment providers.

The heart of the site is the casino test reports of meanwhile over 90 providers, which we have put through their paces and continue to keep under constant observation. They are all absolutely trustworthy and recommendable! rates the tested brands and their offer in percent. Where 100% would mean that the casino is error and criticism free in all test categories. Considering the fact that we test very strictly and make honest, serious assessments, it is utopian for an online provider of slot games to reach the full percentage.

πŸ‘πŸ» Which online casino is recommended?

Our editorial team can unreservedly recommend these online casino providers:

πŸ₯‡ Lucky DaysTest winner among 90+ providers
πŸ₯ˆ Stakecrypto casino with high win rates
πŸ₯‰ Spin Away Young brand with top live casino
⭐️ WinnyExperienced operators & Malta license
⭐️ BizzoState-of-the-art app & highroller bonus

The following score πŸ’¨ levels are brought to bear in the subcategories and ultimately result in the overall score of a casino brand in the big casino test:

95% to 100%excellent
90% to 94%outstanding
85% to 89%very good
80% to 84%Well
75% to 79%good average
65% to 74%average
60% to 64%poor average
under 60%weak

We do not just rely on superficial online research. The experts check the online casino providers “undercover”. That is, we register with the respective gambling site and actively test the products and services.

When it comes to customer service, for example, we ask tricky questions or confront the service team with a problem that needs to be solved.

We also carry out deposits and withdrawals at the casino ourselves at regular intervals to check how smoothly payment requests are processed. This is the only way we can also present real insights and experiences.

We also search through relevant casino forums and read the opinions of active online casino customers there, in order to verify them if necessary or, in the case of criticism, to be able to falsify them in the best case.

βœ… Online casino tests – how we find the best providers

If you want to have fun at the online casino, you have to be able to rely on a reputable provider. Only with a trustworthy company can you play without hesitation. And in the event of a win, you will receive the payout without any worries. In recent years, there have been quite a few reports of fraud on the market. However, the authorities are now working much more intensively. Nevertheless, every player should also keep his own eyes open. In addition to the license and respectability, other criteria also belong to a good online gambling house.

⁇ How to choose the right online casino?

This is the very question that many inexperienced players who want to try their luck online are concerned with. Ultimately, each customer must decide for themselves which quality features are particularly relevant to them, because online casinos all have their advantages and disadvantages:

While some players like to take advantage of a high casino bonus, whose turnover conditions are convincing, for other customers things like win rates, the game offer or but the software are in the foreground. Also, the question of fast deposits and withdrawals is not insignificant in the decision-making process.

You should already think about which criteria are personally in focus before registering a player account. The more detailed you can define them yourself, the easier it will be to find a suitable canadina real money casino with our online casino test – one that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Newest Casino in Canada 2022

Check the full list of new casinos for Canadian players.

πŸ’Έ The Best Legal and Reputable Casinos in Canada for 2022 Year

Get up to:
CAD 1000 + 125 free spins

5.0 rating

Get up to:
100% up to C$250 + 10% cashback

5.0 rating

Get up to:
100% up to C$ 300

5.0 rating

Get up to:
C$ 200

5.0 rating

Get up to:
100% up to C$500

5.0 rating

Gambling security under test online casino

1.) Security in the online casino πŸ”

shieldSince about two decades there is now the possibility to use casino games online. In this time, of course, a lot has happened in the industry – also and especially when it comes to security. Technologically, most online casinos are now up to date.

For some years now, gaming sites on the net have been able to be rated in the same way as other corporations. The structures in the companies have improved significantly, and of course corresponding monitoring by gambling authorities also takes place. The major slot providers in our test alone look back on a company history that goes back 10 years and more.

2.) Licenses for providers of gambling on the Internet πŸ“œ

Reputable online casinos operate with the license of a regulatory authority. What this means exactly and where to look out for it, you can find on our page: gambling license authorities.

Important licensors at a glance:

MGA Malta
UK Gambling C.
Isle of Man
Curacao Gaming

3.) Which providers are in possession of a casino license? 🧐

Up to now, when we talked about a casino license, we were actually “only” talking about a license for the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Legally, the regulation of gambling still falls under the jurisdiction of the states and in 2011, the state government of the northernmost state was the first to pass a gambling law that breaks with the state monopoly.

At the time, Schleswig-Holstein issued statewide licenses in the face of resistance from the other states, which had always sought a common path. After the licenses expired at the end of 2018, the government extended them once again until June 30, 2021.

In total, twelve providers hold licenses from the state of Schleswig-Holstein. However, as of October 2020, further movement has occurred and the situation in Canada has changed significantly.

What is certain is that there will be official licenses of their own from July 1, 2021. The state issues these, of course, only under very strict conditions.

Therefore, a transitional regulation, a circulating resolution that is not yet valid for the time being, is already valid in Canada from October 15, which includes toleration of certain companies in the industry – provided that they are willing to follow the clear regulations laid down by the legislator. The decision was made on September 8, 2020, and is already having an effect. Among other things, operators must adhere to the following conditions:

Registration obligation: while website visitors without an account had access to all games until the deadline of 15.10.2020, it is now necessary to set up a customer account with all important master data. The operator is obliged to check the accuracy of this data.
Information on stakes, losses and winnings: After identification as well as at each login, users must be informed about and confirm their previous stakes, losses suffered, but of course just as much about winnings earned. This is to ensure a better overview of the money in circulation.
Deposit limit: Providers concerned with acquiescence limit deposits to a maximum of 1,000 CAD per month. In addition, they allow players to set a daily or even weekly limit that may not exceed said 1,000 CAD at any time.
Clear separation of game types: slot machines and, if applicable, poker may still be offered. It is important that the companies clearly separate all categories visually and assign a separate area to each type of game.
Minute-by-minute blocking: If a game is ended or a certain time is reached, providers are forced to block the account for one minute at a time before the user can use the next slot or the like.

The gambling addiction early warning system that operators are supposed to implement is actually not yet clearly defined. At least, however, more and more providers now have a panic button that allows customers to ban themselves for 24 hours. Further, reality checks are considered mandatory. Such checks are carried out once an hour, as far as regulation allows.

❌ The Blacklist

4.) Casino test uncovers dubious providers πŸ–₯ is known to test more than just a few online casinos. Strictly speaking, we try to keep an overview in the jungle of providers – and exactly in doing so, we have come across a few times companies that do not take it very seriously.

The providers of slot games that have been tested in detail are classified by us as safe. You can trust them completely. All of the following companies, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs, as some deficits have already been revealed in the preliminary testing.

5.) These casinos should be avoided at all costs! ⛔️

In our casino tests, we always uncover black sheep. The following providers are to be avoided:

  • Casino Club
  • Futuriti

We will continue to warn against dubious casino providers in the future. If you yourself are skeptical about an online casino, then you are welcome to contact us. Of course, we do not check companies just once, but we constantly carry out new checks and update all facts directly.

Important tip on the subject: you should never try to recover lost money by hook or by crook. Most of the time, such “fights” lead to losing even more credit. Frustration would be preprogrammed.

☘️ Fairness in online casino

6.) Fair Play 🎲

How do I actually know if a casino is fair? And what about protection against cybercrime? All these questions play a fundamental role when choosing a provider. Fair play is not a big word here, but should be a matter of course. So let’s take a look at which factors are crucial for fairness in online casinos and how we test them.

7.) Testing the odds & random generators πŸͺœ

Only when a player is given realistic chances of winning, can one assume a fair offer. Basically, licensed and fair online casinos work with random generators in the virtual area. As a specialist editorial team, we pay particular attention to the win rates – just as we do to payout rates. The latter should be at least 96% on average to be classified as fair and solid.

That win rates vary greatly depending on the game. Especially in slots, every symbol combination and every feature leads to a fixed odds. Classics like roulette and blackjack, on the other hand, have clear fixed values. For example, if you bet on one color and win, you will receive a 2:1 win.

In addition to us as product testers, the licensor, i.e. the gambling authority, pays very close attention to the fair and correct setting of the random generators.

8.) Online Casino Bonus in the test πŸ’°

Fact is: Just because a casino makes its customers a new customer offer, this is far from fair. With the bonus, the amount should be considered on the one hand. Of course, one has from 500 CAD, which are awarded exclusively at Pokerstars, more than from a 40 CAD bonus, which for example DrΓΌckGlΓΌck spends its new users.

However, fairness means much more than handing out high bonuses. The offer is only fair if the turnover requirements can be realistically fulfilled – even by customers who have little experience with online gambling.

Moreover, we do not only check the new customer bonus, but also the bonus offers for existing, loyal customers.

Of course, our experts also take a close look at the bonus conditions in every online casino test. All test results of the welcome bonus offers can be compared in detail on the casino bonus overview.

9.) Dealing with customers in the online casino πŸ«‚

For us, fairness in the aforementioned areas is on a par with transparency, honesty and, last but not least, good service. In reputable online casinos, the support staff is very open. The goal of such companies is to assure customers of the best possible support. This requires well-trained staff in the chat and on the lines.

By the way, the service times and contact options are a good indicator of whether the provider is saving on the wrong end. Ultimately, nothing beats an accessible and competent service. This is provided to players in all of the casinos we have reviewed.

10.) Payment transactions in the online casino test πŸ’΅

When it comes to money, players should of course take a closer look. Fairness also means that it is made easy for customers to make deposits and ultimately get back to their own money at any time. Sometimes, bonus conditions have to be fulfilled beforehand if a new customer offer is chosen.

More and more reputable providers are now making the gaming credit freely accessible – regardless of whether the customer enters with or without a casino bonus. This in turn conveys a feeling of security.

Other aspects include the selection of payment methods, payment limits, the speed of deposits and especially withdrawals, as well as possible fees. The top providers in the industry usually waive such additional costs for the customer.

πŸ‘‘ How good are the products offered in the online casino?

11.) The product portfolio of a gaming site πŸƒ

A good mix of different game types and products is far more important for reputable online casinos than thousands of variations. So, for all the variety, quality should always come first. Less is more? Well, at least it shows with providers that stay under the mark of 2,000 titles that the game selection has been made much more thoughtfully.

How good games actually are depends on the one hand on how important customer satisfaction is to the provider. On the other hand, the providers are of course responsible for quality, varied game themes and especially solid winning opportunities. Some providers, such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Play `n Go or Evolution Gaming (specialized in live tables) do a good job in terms of quality.

12.) Game selection of the online sites 🎲

Once our editors are convinced of the quality, the next question is whether the selection of games in breadth and depth offers what demanding players want. As already mentioned, it all comes down to the right balance. It’s better to have a few top-notch games in each category than an abundance that customers would never be able to exhaust anyway. Here now are the categories that good online casinos always offer.

🎰 Slots

Especially in the field of slot games, developers can give free rein to their own creativity. The variety of themes is now outstanding. It ranges from ancient Egyptian rulers to traditional fruits to adventures under water. So there is something for every taste. Slots today differ from each other in various aspects, because even with aspects such as the number of reels, paylines, functions and odds, the providers are hardly limited – as long as players are guaranteed fairness, of course.

Every solid online casino naturally also includes table games. These, in turn, can be found in a wide variety of forms – from European Blackjack to multiplayer tables and games that promise even more chances thanks to side bets. Virtual table games have moved into the background a bit in recent years. They are mostly replaced by the live casino. In fact, there are only rarely providers that do not offer players real Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and also Baccarat.

13.) Developers for online casino offers πŸ–₯

There are definitely qualitative differences in the software. Therefore, it is all the more important in our casino tests to take a closer look at the developers for online casino offers. Big brands like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and Co. rightly enjoy a first-class reputation. After all, they not only deliver the highest quality, but also offer players a huge range of varied games.

Newer providers definitely have the potential to keep up with the well-known competition. All the more reason for us to review these developers and examine all relevant factors in detail.

14.) How good is the quality of the live casino? πŸ”

webcamThe special thing about playing in a live casino is that the game as such is transmitted live to your screen. Here it quickly becomes apparent which developers – and thus online casinos – skillfully invest money. After all, the more modern the technology, the more realistic the flair in the live casino.

Our team of experts has therefore not only looked at how many live tables are available to customers, but also how the performance and loading times are. Different camera perspectives are advantageous, for example, because they provide the necessary depth and a realistic backdrop on the screen. By the way, there are quite a few live developers today that can keep up with the pioneer Evolution Gaming – including NetEnt and Playtech.

15.) Is there a mobile offer or a casino app? πŸ“±

Nowadays, it is absolutely standard on the market that online casinos also provide a mobile gaming version. Such an app should therefore be found in every casino that holds something on itself. The mobile games are usually offered in different variants and optimized for all devices.

Some casinos develop their own native download apps for iOS or Android users. These can be downloaded free of charge and can then be installed with a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, players can even do without downloading additional software in many cases. In this case, the game is played via web app. For access without a download, the casino’s website only has to be opened in the mobile browser, so it doesn’t matter which operating system is used.

Unsurprisingly, there are some differences in the quality of the mobile offers. Not every provider’s mobile presentation is really successful and purposeful. It may even be that not all regular functions of the casino are also available on mobile. If you want to be on the safe side, you should therefore take a close look at the mobile offers in advance.

πŸ€” Facts, figures and data in check

16.) Information on online casinos πŸ‘€

Hardly any other industry has developed as strongly in recent years as the gambling industry on the Internet. Of course, this is not by chance. Instead, behind the rise of online casinos is a lot of hard work. At the same time, however, there is also the highest level of quality. With the turn of the millennium, the first gambling companies also found their way to the Internet. Since then, an impressive success story has been written. Gambling is booming – and not just in Canada. In the following, we have listed some interesting facts about gambling in online casinos[1] & [2]:

Worldwide, around 400 billion CAD in revenue are generated annually in the gambling markets.
In 2023, the gross gaming revenue in global online gambling is expected to be around 65 billion CAD.
Around 20 percent of Canadians participate in private gambling.
A majority of online casinos can be found on international exchanges these days.
In 2015, a former soldier won a jackpot of 13.2 million pounds with the online slot Mega Moolah at Betway Casino
Back in 2013, the world record for the largest online jackpot was set. In the game Mega Fortune, a player won around 17.8 million CAD
In 2017, a Canadian player won around 8.1 million CAD in the mobile slot Mega Moolah – the largest mobile casino jackpot of all time until then.

17.) Since when have there been slot games on the Internet? πŸŒ•

The first online casinos on the net started in the mid-90s. The founding year of the companies may be far before that, but it was not until the 1990s that technology had advanced to the point where it became possible to bring games to all countries that could be played comfortably on a PC.

Then, in the early days of the 2000s, the hype really broke out. In the meantime, there are several thousand brands registered around the globe – many of them even licensed in Europe. You should not be confused by the founding year as such, because: Many corporations were already very active locally long before they took their first steps on the Internet. It was only much later that they managed to implement the product range online as well.

We will now show you some of the providers we have tested – sorted by their official year of foundation. The fact that they are no longer comparable to their beginnings certainly comes as no surprise to anyone. After all, a lot has happened in terms of technology since the opening of these casinos.

YearWebsite from these providers available online:
1997888 casino
2000Cherry Casino
2001Netbet, Casino Club
2007Mr. Green
2008William Hill

18.) Which casino brands are among the biggest in the world in 2022? 🌎

Malta and Gibraltar are the two countries that issue the most casino licenses. Therefore, it seems all the more natural that many of the major providers can be found there. Until a few years ago, William Hill held the “pole position”. The former bookmaker from Great Britain quickly matured into a full-fledged casino – in which, by the way, the best sports bets can still be made. In the meantime, some providers have caught up and even passed the company. In the following table, we take a closer look at the largest online casinos worldwide – measured by revenue as well as the number of customers and employees:

providersTurnover (in CAD)Gross profit (in CAD)Number of customersEmployee
1. Bet36525 billion1.5 billionover 10 million2,800
2. Paddy Power12 billion880 millionabout 4 million2,800
3. William Hill8.5 billion712 millionabout 3.5 million2,500
4. Betfair10 billion660 millionabout 3 million1,800
5. Bwin6 billion610 millionjust under 5 million2,700
6. Unibet5 billion430 millionover 2 million900
7. Betsson3.5 billion324 millionaround 1.5 million600

⁉️ The most frequently asked questions about casino games

19.) Which casino games are most popular with customers? 🎲

No matter in which country we look around, slot machines clearly have the leading position. The reason for this is certainly the fact that this category is the most versatile – unlike classic table games, such as roulette or blackjack.

Also popular is the live casino, which is offered by more and more operators. Roulette dominates there, because hardly any classic game is as sought-after as this one. Reputable casinos ensure ease of use, which even beginners can immediately understand. Poker, blackjack and, last but not least, video poker romp on the other ranks.

Here is an overview of the most popular casino games:

Live Casino
Video Poker

As our tests show, skill games, also known as parlor games, take a secondary role in most online casinos. Likewise, scratch cards, bingo and keno are among the games that rank lower on the popularity scale.

20.) Which are the best providers for slot machines in the casino test? 🧐

Slot machines have dominated the industry for years – and not only online, but also locally. Accordingly, we have deliberately put this section in the foreground, and in doing so, of course, all of the online casinos we tested were specifically checked for their slot machine content.

We can only note once again that personal taste always plays a role when choosing an online casino.

Attention: Some providers require registration even for free play.

21.) Should I register with several platforms? πŸͺ§

In fact, there is a lot that speaks for the registration in several casinos. The game selection alone is unique for all providers. Stargames, for example, had exclusively Novoline games, while Sunmaker is dedicated to the Merkur brand. Finding all the games you want under one roof is not easy, even with the multi-brand companies. A direct comparison of online casino providers can be absolutely worthwhile to benefit from the best possible offer.

searchEin aspect that you should consider when choosing are the odds. Here, of course, there are major differences between the casinos and games. In the long run, the better the odds are set up, the more you will enjoy playing.

And there is even another important point in which the differences become particularly clear: namely, the promotions, bonus campaigns and, first and foremost, the starting credit. There is detailed information on the test pages to make the right choice.

22.) Are there online casinos where playing for free is possible? πŸ†“

Of course, there is the possibility to play casino games for free. More and more providers have their games as a free version on offer. Often, not even registration is necessary to test various slot machines and classics for free.

At least the online casinos tested by us give their guests the opportunity to play without obligation and without real money. The playing conditions are the same as in real money mode, but the winnings are only virtual.

If you want to win money, you have to make a deposit, unless the online casino offers a no deposit bonus.